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Eat more, loose more. A diet that works.

NOTA: Respete las reglas o leyes de plagio. Romero J. (29 de noviembre de 2015)    Escuela de Estudios Profesionales Programa AHORA Eat more, loose more.  A diet that works. Essay by: José R. Romero Velázquez December 3, 2015 Facilitator: Roberto Diaz Montalvo ENGL 231 Assignment to be handed-in on Workshop 3 Eat more, loose more.  A diet that works. Believe it or not, you can eat more and loose weight.  You may say that it can’t be possible, but, it is.  There’s a way to make it happen, and it’s great for people who love to eat a lot.  Ok, I know, there will be exceptions, but, in general this should work for most people.  If think this was a secret for you, not any more, I’ll tell you how.             One thing you need to be aware of, is which food slowed your metabolism.  That’s the reason most people fail in their diet. You need to have a list of the foods that won’t help you lose weight.  For example, food that c