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Reading Comprehension, UT Isabela, Programa AHORA Workshop 4 ENGL231

Nota del autor: Tome en consideración que tipo de uso le va a dar a esta lectura.  No me hago responsable de lo que las reglas o leyes de plagio le puedan traer a consecuencia.   Escuela de Estudios Profesionales Programa AHORA By: José R. Romero Velázquez December 6, 2015 Facilitator: Roberto Diaz Montalvo ENGL 231 First Assignment to be sent by email Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension Name : José R. Romero Velázquez Date :  December 6, 2015 rhlschool.com From Outer Space FoxNews.com reports that Dr. Richard B. Hoover, an astrobiologist at NASA, believes that he has found the fossils of bacteria in meteorites. In other words, he claims to have found traces of life from outer space. Not surprisingly, his claim is controversial; many scientists do not accept that Dr. Hoover has come to the correct conclusion from what he has observed. Therefore, he has invited over 5,000 scientists to review his work and to