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  Diversity and Demographics – Quiz Questions and Answers   By Mauricio A. Velásquez, MBA – President, CEO The Diversity Training Group 1. True or False - Census Data reflects older and more diverse U.S. Workforce? Answer: True 2. Hispanic population in the US grew by what percentage from 2000 to 2010? a. 27% b. 39% c. 43% d. 56% Answer:  c, in 2000, there was 35.3 million Hispanics in US in 2010.  In 2010, 50.5 million      Hispanics. 3. True or False – When Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492, the world was  adding two people to the world population every minute. Answer: True, today the world is adding 158 people to the world population every minute!   Source:  Washington Post, Kids Post, Page1, October 30, 2011 4. The number of individuals ages 45 to 64 has increased a. 17.5% b. 24% c. 31.5% d. 36% e. 42.5% Answer: c, from 62 million to 81.5 million, the 2010 Census data show.  That is one  quarter of the population.