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Motivation in Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

Motivation is always preceded by a goal.  For example the baseball player’s goal is to have a place in the hall of fame.  The overweight individual’s goal is to lose weight. The student’s goal is to get a good grade.  Those are some of many reasons that people decide to motivate themselves.  What happens when a person needs to learn a second language? Let’s first understand the term in its general sense. Motivation can be explained as the degree to which an individual strives to do something because the person desires to and because of the pleasure and fulfillment derived from the activity.  There has been considerable research conducted on the topic of attitudes and motivation in L2 (2 nd language) learning. It stands to reason, and research has corroborated, that motivation is one of the essential learner’s characteristics that determine the rate and success of L2 learning.  Gardner’s socio-educational model indicates that motivation is divided into two basic types: i