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Today ' s Young Heavy Metal Rockers are Diabolic - Los rockeros son diabólicos ensayo en inglés (Programa Ahora) Example of an Essay

Nota- Favor de respetar leyes o reglas de plagio. No me hago responsable del mal uso que alguien pueda darle a este trabajo.   Úsese como lectura y referencia.  Este es un ensayo para la clase de ENGL 231 de la Escuela de Estudios Profesionales, Programa AHORA.  Autor José R. Romero (19 de noviembre de 2015)    Today’s Young Heavy Metal Rockers are Diabolic                The young heavy metal rockers are devil followers.   You can see it in the way they dress and the accessories they use.   For example: t-shirts with the face of the devil, wearing black clothes, and long hair.   At least that’s what people from my father’s church and my neighbors say.   But, is it true?   Well, it’s true that they look different with their long hair, their clothes and the accessories, but, are they diabolic? Do they believe in “Satan”?    Probably they just want to look like one, and be recognized as one of them.             Usually people wear objects or accessories that they