Amazon Prime Review, is it Worth to Have? This is what you need to know.

 I have been doing Reviews on Amazon for years, but I haven't done any Review about and its services until now. This is my experience with Amazon Prime.

First, let me tell you what is Amazon Prime. 

When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get a better shipping service and free in almost everything you buy on Also you will have the Prime Video for streaming of Movies, Series, Docuseries, TV Shows, and more, Similar to Hulu and Netflix. You will have one day in the last quarter of the year, called, The Prime Day, and you will find discounts that are only for prime Members. If you have the Amazon Store Card, and/or Amazon Visa Rewards, you'll get 5% back on your purchases. So that's part of what they said about Prime, now I'll tell you my experience. 

I am being honest when I tell you that I love, but since Prime, I am its #1 fan.

I have a lot of experience as an online buyer, and as a seller too. I used to buy everything on eBay for years, but 2 years ago, my brother told me about the benefits of Amazon Prime, for $12.99 a month (it's less expensive for people that receive EBT and/or MedicAid I heard), so I tried. Since then, I do almost all my online purchase on Amazon. You may be thinking why, right?

I tell you why. Because, there are exclusive offers for members, that exceed what I was expecting from. Prime is always keeping me up to date about the their own products, the products that match with my like/taste, ALWAYS receive my items on time or earlier, they show me, as a prime member, all the shipping choices I can select at the check out, the Amazon Prime day is better than the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday, and I trust Amazon, even when they have no PayPal payments, that is a service that I love. In the last 2 years, I have bought, maybe, more than a thousand products, and if I have had a couple of issues, Amazon helped me right away. But there's more...

I know Amazon appreciate every costumer as VIP, but when you are a Prime Member, you feel like the Empowerment that a huge organization offers, not only to employees, also to you as a buyer. So I trust them, and they became an important part of my life. So I feel I am Amazon. 

Just think about this: You will get the majority of items with free 2 days delivery (sometimes next day). If you are in Puerto Rico, you may not see Amazon Prime 18 wheelers, and Prime Delivery Vans, everywhere like in the States and may take one or 2 more days, but anyway it'll be the fastest free shipping to the island. Services like Netflix cost up to $17.99 and you get only video streaming, while Prime has several services for less, and one of them is Prime Video. The special offers, coupons, the Prime Day, that offers better prices than Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and much more. 

I recommend Amazon Prime to all my friens and family. I am not an expert on Amazon Prime, I just made this review based on my experience. Yo can try it and and even cancel it at anytime if you are no satisfied. I assure you, YOU'LL LOVE IT. 

Note: I don't work for Amazon, I am not an Amazon seller, I'm not being paid for this review, and if in the future, things change, I'll let you know if you follow this blog.   

Please, leave any comment or questions in the comments area. Thank you for reading. 


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