Today ' s Young Heavy Metal Rockers are Diabolic - Los rockeros son diabólicos ensayo en inglés (Programa Ahora) Example of an Essay

Nota- Favor de respetar leyes o reglas de plagio. No me hago responsable del mal uso que alguien pueda darle a este trabajo.  Úsese como lectura y referencia.  Este es un ensayo para la clase de ENGL 231 de la Escuela de Estudios Profesionales, Programa AHORA.  Autor José R. Romero (19 de noviembre de 2015)  

Today’s Young Heavy Metal Rockers are Diabolic

             The young heavy metal rockers are devil followers.  You can see it in the way they dress and the accessories they use.  For example: t-shirts with the face of the devil, wearing black clothes, and long hair.  At least that’s what people from my father’s church and my neighbors say.  But, is it true?  Well, it’s true that they look different with their long hair, their clothes and the accessories, but, are they diabolic? Do they believe in “Satan”?   Probably they just want to look like one, and be recognized as one of them.

            Usually people wear objects or accessories that they want to be associated with; you can see that everywhere.  You can recognize a religious person or people who listen to “old school” reggae music, a student, even lawyers and psychologists put their career symbols on the back of their cars, just to let others know who they are.  So, their looks don’t make them diabolic, but give them the opportunity to be identified as rockers. Also their “rocker look” is the same reason other people think the way they do about young rockers.

            What people think are perceptions, and usually the way they understand or think about others are generalizations.  “Oh Lord, save them, or they will burn in hell” says my father’s Pastor.  To me that’s just a fallacy.  In my opinion the difference from today rockers and my generation is, that most of them don’t believe that the devil really exists.  Yes, I know, you’ll say that that’s even worst because, then they don’t believe in what the “Bible” says.  So, they are atheist and will burn in the worst part of hell.  So they say; “oh poor young dudes”. 

            To me it’s easier to understand them, because, now, I don’t believe in hell as well, I don’t believe in heaven, and I won’t even believe that there’s a divinity or a “God” as I used to.  I don’t think that rockers belong in hell or believe in the devil.  But I know that most of the people will think that my perception is a fallacy or a generalization too.  There must be some of them that really believe in all those “evil” things.  My thesis is not a scientific or a researched one, but it’s my opinion, and I wanted to express it.  Then I can’t say that this is an absolute truth.

            Finally, I do believe that young rockers are being misunderstood, as in my generation.  I was a heavy metal rocker too, when I was young, but I wasn’t diabolic.  I just liked rock music and I wanted to be recognized as one of them.  By then, people thought exactly the same way, and I still think that I won’t be burnt in hell.  Those young fellas just want to express themselves as rockers and love their music.  Many people want to be associated with things they believe in or what they are.   My point of view sounds like a fallacy too, well, that’s just a perception.    

Questions and answers

  •         Do you agree with the fallacy or generalization? Why?

In my opinion it’s wrong to say that the rockers are diabolic, so I can’t agree.  You can’t judge a book by its cover.  My nephews and nieces are rockers, and they are excellent college students.  They don’t believe in hell, heaven, angels or demons. They just love the rock music and the way they dress.

  •         Is it true or false?

I do believe that it’s true what I wrote, and is false how some people think about rockers.

  •                  How can you prove it?

This is a trick question, because, religious people and those with certain believes, don’t want to understand no matter what argument you use.  It’s there way of proving something believed as spiritual, intangible?  I can talk about my experience and what my nephews and nieces have told me, but, can I prove something with it? –No, I can’t prove it.

  •  Have you ever used it (or them)?

Well, I used to be a Heavy Metal fan.  That’s why I think I understand them.

  •  Be ready to share your answers with the rest of the class.



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