ENGL 231 Assignment to be handed-in on Workshop one, Primera asignación del Módulo ENGL 231 SUAGM

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Escuela de Estudios Profesionales
Programa AHORA

By: José R. Romero Velázquez

November 12, 2015

Facilitator: ___________________________________

ENGL 231
Assignment to be handed-in on Workshop one

1. Write in 1-3 clear, concise sentences, your definition of main idea, topic, topic sentence, or at least what you think it should be.  Construct a definition that would make sense to you.
Main idea is _____________________________________ _______________________________________________
A topic is _______________________________________ _______________________________________________
A topic sentence is _______________________________ _______________________________________________
2. Study the parts of an essay:    
a. Summarize the parts of the essay in your own words. 
b. Write down all your doubts on a blank sheet of paper and bring it to class. 
c. Select a topic of your interest.  Write a first draft of an essay and turn it in.   Remember:  the essay must follow the 5 paragraph format.

Main Idea:

When you need to tell something to an individual or an audience, and you want it to make sense, you need to focus in the idea of what you’re trying to communicate.  In the first sentence and in the first paragraph, should be present the main idea, or the subject that tells your audience what the whole text is about.  Then, every paragraph can have its own idea, but, always following the main one, so it can make sense.


            Topic is a theme; a subject of discussion in a speech, text, or essay.  Its show your arguments, and the things that you want to be understood, and/or the things you use to convince your audience about your thesis. When you start talking or writing about something that is not part of the main idea, it’s considered off topic.  So for me, it is attached to the main idea of the communication.

Topic Sentence:

            It brings coherent to the text or essay, and readers should find it in the first few sentences, so he/she can have a perspective of what you want to express.  A topic sentence, is part of a well-organized paragraph to keep the control of the idea.  Sometimes you can avoid to use the topic sentence, because you are narrating a series of events, but simplifying this definition, the topic sentences is the one that supports the main idea.  

Parts of an Essay:

·         Introduction:

There are a few different kind of essays, so even when all introductions have similar purposes, the content could have different intentions.  An argument or opinion essay, should have three sentences, and it must contain both sides of the argument and what’s your idea or what you think should be done about it.  So, you will write 2 sentences about the topic, and one sentence about your thesis.

·         Body:

There’s no essay if there’s no body.  This is the most important part of your text and it includes three paragraphs.  The first is the strongest one, where you write about your thesis or argument, and you can’t forget the reverse hook, that makes the transition between paragraphs in the first sentence.

The second paragraphs, as every paragraph should have, also start with the revers hook.  It includes the second strongest or second most important argument.  It’s related to the thesis stated at the introduction, and will end with a transitional hook.

            The third paragraph continues with the transitions, and includes the weakest argument. It has to keep containing a topic related to the introduction, and you have to use the final major point of the essay.  It has to contain the last transitional hook to the conclusion.

·         Conclusion:

This part will use the same pattern established in the introduction.  You must be aware not to duplicate the introductory part.  It’s a summary of the three parts of the body, and it’s where you let the readers know that the essay has come to an end.

*Next pages contains the Essay, and References, that are the last part of this job.

Puerto Rico’s Economy Essay

                        In the Puerto Ricans perception, we felt that we were a developed country, but in the last decades we haven’t felt like this anymore and people are more aware of what’s going on with the politics way of administration.  The transition in our mind was way too fast, and we feel like we suddenly became a third world country, with no sense of what economy means, and lead by theories that won’t work.  The government already has done too many changes with no good results, then we feel that every day we have less money and we are poorer.

            What’s worse of this perception of being poor, is not being able to supply the needs of your family and your home, like for instance, going to the store and getting, not the product that you want but buying the equivalents, or simply make the decision of not to buy some of the product you used to get from the market.  Is it what we want?  Is that what we expected?  People have depression, no motivation, and the feeling of no hope.

            Those three things I mentioned, depression, no motivation and no hope, even when these are states of the mind, we shouldn’t feel like that, because today’s people know that there’s enough money to supply the Island’s needs. The thing is that the government misuse and waste the money with their bad administration.  Where’s the happiness we use to have some decades ago, and the feeling of being wealthy; did it go with the wind?

            People feel wounded, ill, sick, depressed, and we know that there are talented economist trying to use their theories and knowledge, but always finish in a dead end.  I think, we, the people, the Puerto Ricans, should strongly demand to our statesmen, to be better administrators, and less politicians.  But, if we stay at home, and let them do as they want, things will get worse.

            I have to conclude, that as a country, we should be strong, get a better perception of the power that united we have.  Forget about feeling poor, sick, depress and wake up and let the government know that we got tired of their bad decisions that are taking us all the way to the bottom.  We are poor because they make us feel poor, we are weak, because they make us feel like that, but we know that there’s money, that they can do a better job, leading us to the worthiness that we are supposed to be enjoying in today’s world. 


Main Idea, in my own words, Romero J. (November 7, 2015)
            Assignment to be handed-in on Workshop one, ENGL 231

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