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Little Horse Hogan Fable. Fábula, Hogan el Caballito, en Inglés.



José R. Romero Velázquez
Ivonne Rivera Haddock

Little Horse Hogan

By José R. Romero Velazquez & Ivonne Rivera Haddock


Thank s to my wonderful family; their support has kept me going forward in realizing my dream.

Once upon a time, when the ground was dry and it seemed like the earth had opened in pieces, after a tremendous water drought, a colt was born, his name was “Little Horse Hogan”.   Everyone in the farm considered him a blessing, because at the moment of his birth it started raining tremendously.  The river was filled with lots of water and so was the reservoirs, everyone was happy and joyful.

The colt grew to be strong, just like his father.  His thigh muscles developed to the point that when he ran it was like a lightning bolt.  All the animals were Agh! to see him. 

But, there was one animal that was impressed the most, her name was “Lila”.  The young female horse was so timid, she always looked from afar, while everyone cheered and praised him.  Little Horse Hogan had noticed Lila also, although he had never spoken to her, because of her timid behavior, he always thought she was the most beautiful mare in the whole farm house.  

One day Little Horse Hogan decided to come close to Lila and begin a friendship.  To see her up close, listen to her sweet voice and glance at her beautiful eyes, he immediately fell in love.

It was the first time that he had that feeling. He felt so good.  His heart was pounding very hard and very fast, he felt scared at the feeling but at the same time he was the happiest colt in the farm.  Lila had been in love towards him, already, although her feeling grew stronger at that moment. 
Time went by; their friendship grew stronger, new experiences and happy moments each day. They played, ran through the fields, swam in the lake and watched the stars together.

One day Little Horse Hogan decided to express his love for Lila, without knowing that she wasn’t the only one that had laid his eye on him.  His owner had been watching him for quite some time, he observed how strong he had gotten and how beautiful and over all how swift he was.

He was the fastest colt he had ever seen.  For that same reason before Little Horse Hogan could say hello to Lila, he was taken away by force and tied to his owner’s truck.  They took him to the racetrack thousands and thousands of miles away, away from his family and Lila.

His effort to become untied was not working; the rope was too strong for the colt.  He sadly looked back and said goodbye.

At the racetrack they trained Little Horse Hogan to become the best, and that he was.  He won all the races and became a true champion.

Everyone celebrated every triumph.  He turned out to be a legend, the best horse ever known in the town’s history.

Many years went by and Little Horse Hogan dreamed of the day when he would be able to see Lila again.  He was old and tired. 

The day came when he went back to the farm.  As he walked by, he thought to himself many questions like; Would I see Lila again?  Would she remember me? What is going to happen when I see her? Would she have a new love?

Many things had changed.  He saw young animals in the farm that didn’t look familiar.  The ground looked dry from the drought, again.  He looked everywhere for Lila but no luck. 

Little Horse Hogan felt sad and frustrated, apparently the love of his life was gone from the farm.  Suddenly he felt drops of rain on his nose, when rain started pouring down, just like the day he was born.  That was when Lila, who was resting in the stables raised her head and knew, thanks to the rain that the love of her life had arrived.  Immediately got on her feet and strongly neighed so Little Horse Hogan could listen.

When he heard the sweet sound of Lila he ran as fast as he could, just like when he was a young colt.  It was an intense feeling to see her again, she was beautiful as always.  At that moment he was able to tell her how much he loved her and so did she. They never separated from each other ever again.

Little Horse Hogan & Lila Forever!!!

Esta fábula fue realizada como una tarea de la clase de Literatura de Niños en Inglés de la Escuela de Estudios Profesionales del Programa Ahora de la Universidad del Turabo de Gurabo Puerto Rico. Mi esposa y yo, autores de esta fábula, decidimos publicarlo aquí en mi blog, con la intensión de que no se quede archivado y otras personas lo puedan disfrutar y/ o compartir. 

Pedimos que se respete el derecho que tenemos como autores y no se le realicen cambios. Maestros que deseen utilizar esta fábula, deberán dar el enlace a sus estudiantes para que accedan y de imprimirlo, deberán incluir el crédito a los autores y al blog 

Bajo ninguna circunstancia puede utilizarse está fábula para publicarse, generar ingresos ni venderse sin una autorización y negociación por escrito por parte de los autores. Gracias por su apoyo a nuestro proyecto.

Esta fábula obtuvo una excelente calificación por parte de la Profesora y en una traducción al español, ganó un 2do lugar en una competencia realizada en la Academia la Milagrosa en Cayey Puerto Rico, que luego de revisarla, vimos algunos errores en su traducción razón por la que la estamos publicando en el idioma en que fue escrita originalmente.

Esperamos que hayas disfrutado la lectura. 

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